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Slippers, insoles and other items

In Edwin and Margaret’s relaxation and well-being section you’ll find slippers, insoles and other well-being products at discount prices. Getting home and relaxing with our articles is priceless.

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Stimulate the circulation of your legs with the Dr Scholl 20 Den natural light compression stockings - S! Perfect legs, light and rested throughout the day. Combine comfort and beauty by feeling good! Natural colour Have light-feeling legs from morning to night Elastic, comfortable thread that appl..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Stock: In Stock
Discover the advantages and benefits of InnovaGoods Wellness Care anti-fatigue compression socks and enjoy complete well-being in your feet and legs! Thanks to their compression system. they stimulate blood circulation, relieving and reducing foot and leg swelling and pain. They are also u..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Stock: In Stock
We present the InnovaGoods arch supports (Pack of 2)! Perfect for people with arched feet or a pronounced bridge, since they provide great relief thanks to their compression band and cushioned arch which lessens the impact of every step. They can also be used at any time and place to provide stabili..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Stock: In Stock
Give your feet the best in relaxation and well-being with the new InnovaGoods Wellness Relax comfort thermal insoles with non-slip sole! Ideal for dealing with low temperatures on cold winter days. They keep feet warm and are very comfortable thanks to their design and the materials that they are ma..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Stock: In Stock
If your health is important to you and you like to take care of your feet, discover the new InnovaGoods Wellness Care detox foot patches (pack of 10)! These foot patches contain a combination of natural substances that are excellent to eliminate toxins. The benefits are endless: they provide you wit..
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