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Brand: Grace Foods Stock: In Stock
Grace Hot Pepper Sauce is a blend of peppers ground into a mash, strained to remove skins and seeds to form a pure. This liquid delicious Hot Pepper Sauce that will add a burst of flavor and a touch of heat to everyday foods. Ideal for making traditional hot dishes, great for everyday use. Available..
Brand: heinz Stock: In Stock
DescriptionAdd depth of flavour to your timeless classics by using a dollop of Heinz Tomato Ketchup in the base of your meal. Experiment with the quality tomato flavour to help enhance your dish.... A few suggestions to begin with; -Rich Beef Bolognese. -Creamy Chicken Curry. -Soup. -Tasty Gravy.All..
Brand: Shito Stock: In Stock
Shito is a tasty Ghanaian Sauce which can be eaten with rice, yam, gari and more. You can too utilize it as a spread Hot Chilli sauce with shrimp, fish, yam.Shito is a delicious Ghanaian Sauce which can be eaten with rice, yam, garb and more.You can also use it as a spreadNo added preservatives or a..
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